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DDG Depth Sand Filters
【Name】 DDG Depth Sand Filters
【Series】: Pool Filters/ Sand Filters

WL-DDG13400  WL-DDG13450 

WL-DDG13500  WL-DDG13600  

WL-DDG13700  WL-DDG15400 

WL-DDG15450  WL-DDG15500 

WL-DDG15600  WL-DDG15700


Φ400 x 1300mm(WL-DDG13400)

Φ450 x 1300mm(WL-DDG13450)

Φ500 x 1300mm(WL-DDG13500)

Φ600 x 1300mm(WL-DDG13600)

Φ700 x 1300mm(WL-DDG13700)

Φ400 x 1500mm(WL-DDG15400)

Φ450 x 1500mm(WL-DDG15450)

Φ500 x 1500mm(WL-DDG15500)

Φ600 x 1500mm(WL-DDG15600)

Φ700 x 1500mm(WL-DDG15700)

  • Description
  • Technical Parameters
  • Assumption Diagram

          High  quality   and   high   performance   are   aesthetically  designed  for  water treatment.
          High   density   fiberglass   sand   filters   are   constructed with  the latest  engineering   technology . The  improvement  of  flow ability provides  ultra-pure water filtration.The  fiberglass winding design  gives  the filter extra  strength   and resistance   to   chemical   and   corrosion ,  the most  recommeded equipment  for  the  application of   water treatment.


Maximum Working Pressure:250 kPa

Testing  Pressure:  400 kPa

Maximum Temperature:50℃ 

Maximum Filtration Velocity:50m3/h/m2