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ECG Depth Sand Filters
【Name】 ECG Depth Sand Filters
【Series】: Pool Filters/ Sand Filters

WL-ECG15800  WL-ECG15900 

WL-ECG151000  WL-ECG151200 

WL-ECG20800    WL-ECG20900 

WL-ECG201000  WL-ECG201200


Φ800 x 1600mm(WL-ECG15800)

Φ900 x 1600mm(WL-ECG15900)

Φ1000 x 1600mm(WL-ECG151000)

Φ1200 x 1600mm(WL-ECG151200)

Φ800 x 2100mm(WL-ECG20800)

Φ900 x 2100mm(WL-ECG20900)

Φ1000 x 2100mm(WL-ECG201000)

Φ1200 x 2100mm(WL-ECG201200)

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       This  sand filter is  made  of  high  quality  fiberglass which is chemical and sunlight  resistant,  and  can  be  installed  outdoors . Side mount, easy operation . It  can also   be  fed  and  mixed  with different  filtrate  mediums  (Such  as:  Zeolite ,  Sand  and  Active carbon ) to  make  the  water  clearer . It  is  the  best  choice  for residential  area  and  public  water.


Maximum Working Pressure:250 kPa

Testing  Pressure:  400 kPa

Maximum Temperature:50℃

Maximum Filtration Velocity:50m3/h/m2




Manual air purge


Sight Glass




Collector arms


Nozzle plate